Tuesday, September 9, 2008

4 month shots and first giggles..

I am so happy to have this sweet one in my life.
Just the other day Eli noticed that he could touch his animals in his bouncy seat :) It was so cute to see the look of excitement on his face. Within minutes he started flailing his arms, pushing them back and forth, then grabbing them and holding onto them, and talking to them all while playing with them. Now, everytime I put him in his seat he knows exactly what to do.
Matt made Eli laugh for the first time about a week and a half ago. Secret to his success: Rasberries on Eli's belly and under his arms. I could not figure out why he wouldn't laugh when I did it to him, he would just smile. Then on Sunday Matt figured it out-- his goatee tickles him! I guess it's a good thing I can't make him laugh like his Daddy can just yet, otherwise I might need to pull out some shaving cream and a razor and take them to my face.. ew. lol. :)Yesterday was baby's 4 month appointment, a week shy of his actual 4 month birthday. Anyway, at his 2 month appointment he got his first vaccines, and a few hours after we got home he cried like i'd never heard him cry before. (He hardly ever cries). Needless to say, after his appointment yesterday, we went through the same thing :( It's not that his crying irritates me or anything, but i can't stand to see my baby in pain. And he was in so much pain, and he had a fever. So, baby Tylenol must be kept on hand during times like these. He has been sleeping 80% of the time since his appointment yesterday.

We miss Aunty Bibby terribly, can't wait until her birthday weekend! :)

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Kory said...

Sita he looks just like you in that second picture where he's smiling!