Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Really quick while baby is taking a nap.. just an update...

Libb came down for her birthday this weekend.. we had tons of fun. A few of us went to Fenton's, which is now my favorite ice cream place. They also have awesome food, like tuna melts and crab sandwiches. If you haven't tried it yet, you should.. so yummy!

We went to Aunty Tina's for dinner and played catch phrase, which was awesomely fun. Remind me i need to buy that game! ;)

We also went to scandia and played miniture golf... Eli slept that whole time...

Right now this makes me happy:

and this:

And this:

(strawberry lemonade-- made by.. the earth + and yours truly! :)
And lastly, this:
(well, not the saying goodbye part, but the family hug part. i think there was 9 of us in there :)

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